How About a Vacation With Your Girlfriend?

How About a Vacation With Your Girlfriend? Perhaps the notorious time pressure has caught up with you and you need an oval weekend in a very special city? Maybe you’ve been renovating for so long that you need a trip to unwind a bit? Or do you just need a short break from cold, dark and homey Norway?

Travel, whether for a longer period of time or a short weekend trip, can be just the fresh air that you need in between. It can mean something completely different to think about, it can bring calm to an otherwise rather turbulent situation, and it can give perspective. Travel has many purposes!

Big city or the “south”?

What all travelers have in common is that they are looking for something different. And it’s not unnatural! Sometimes we need to “change living rooms,” as many of us say. Change the environment a little and get to know something new. It may be just what you need before or after peak hours.

So what should you choose? Whether it’s the first honeymoon or a little more practiced, the question is always the same: Do we want big city romance or do we want sun, pool and warmth? One does not exclude the other either, but it depends on when and where you travel.

If you are a bit adventurous, could the big city of New York be a good alternative? The Big Apple, multiple sights and lots of good food. If you want a culture shock this is a good alternative. If you go there in summer, the temperature is also high. New York has a lot to offer!

How about a week in delicious Rome? Small streets, good warmth, historical sights and a romantic atmosphere are only a three-hour flight away. The magic is tangible. NOTE: Once you’ve tried Italian homemade pasta with wonderful ingredients, you’ll never want to taste the Norwegian version again.

What would you like to experience on vacation?

what is romance for you Is it walking hand in hand through narrow streets and stopping in a small cafe? Spend a weekend in a bathrobe in a wellness hotel? Or is it exploring the nightlife, eating great food and spending time in the pool with an umbrella drink?

What about a charter holiday? The beauty of charter travel is that everything is planned for you. All you then have to do is pay, pack and show up. It’s often all inclusive, meaning you get free food and drink with all meals at the hotel. Charter vacations are ideal for families.

For nightlife, big cities like cool Miami or the aforementioned New York are recommended. “The South” too! For narrow streets and cafes, Italy is certainly an option. As for spa hotels, you can plan your holiday in a Norwegian city or head to Iceland – which has fantastic spa facilities and hot springs! The possibilities are manifold.

That all of this is readily available is an exciting thought. The fact that you can book your next experience at the touch of a button, that everything is arranged to make traveling easy, is very interesting. We have never traveled as much as we do now. Take the chance, please!

John Gadmel

Editor-in-Chief at and android developer at UPRSoft.

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