How To Make The Perfect Hairstyle in 2022?

You probably know it, you’ve tried different hairstyles but you can never find the perfect hairstyle that suits your look. This is actually a problem for most of us men. It’s like you can never let your hair sit like the barber does.

Getting the hairstyle to work 100% isn’t rocket science, but it still requires a little more than a dab of wax in your hair. In this article, we have put together some tips on what you can do to get the perfect hairstyle.

Find out what hair type you have

The first thing to be clear about is what type of hair you have. It could be that you have very thick and strong hair that has a life of its own. Or maybe you have very fine and thin hair.

Does it really matter to your hair styling? The short answer is yes, it has a huge impact on how you style your hair. Whether the hair is thick or thin has a lot to say when it comes to what hair product to put in your hair.

Your husband may have to admit that you’ve gotten a little skinny on top – but then you’ll also find the perfect product to let the hairstyle sit straight in the closet. Knowing what hair type you have can also help you figure out what hair products are right for you.

Wash your hair with the right shampoo

You’re probably wondering that the way you wash your hair has an impact on your hairstyle? But we just have to say – it has it to the highest degree. Which shampoo you should use depends on your hair type.

Shampoo for thick hair

If you have thick and difficult hair, it’s a good idea to use a shampoo that has a softening effect on the hair and provides extra moisture. It makes your difficult hair more manageable and easier to style. To give the hair even more moisture, you can combine the hair wash with a conditioner.

We recommend using Malin+Goetz Peppermint Shampoo. It is a shampoo ideal for men with thick hair. It provides moisture and softness to the hair and the peppermint soothes the scalp.

Shampoo for fine and thin hair

On the other hand, if you have very thin and fine hair, it is better to use a shampoo that gives volume and strengthens the hair.

We recommend using Baxter of California Daily Protein Shampoo. This is a shampoo that gives more volume and gives stronger hair. It is ideal for men who want fuller hair.

Style your hair with a blow dryer

Once you’ve washed your hair, it’s time to go to war with drying your hair. Unfortunately we men are too poor to use the hair dryer. But a blow dryer is a fantastic tool that makes hair styling easier. When you use a hair dryer, it gives you many options for your hair and helps you find the perfect hairstyle.

When blow-drying your hair, it’s a good idea to use a product on your hair before drying it. A salt water spray works well for this. It gives the hair a light hold and makes styling easier. Use a little when hair is wet and blow dry hair while styling.

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A blow dryer (also called a hair dryer) can reduce hair wax consumption and give your hair a fuller look. It’s a good idea to blow dry your hair after every shower to get the best result from your hairstyle.

We recommend using the Remington AC5999 Pro-Air AC hair dryer. This is a powerful blow dryer that dries your hair quickly and efficiently.

Choose the right hair wax

Now you can add hair wax to perfectly style your hair. There is a sea of ​​different hair products for all hair types.

Hair wax for thick hair

If you have thick hair you will need to use a high strength hair wax to hold the style. Thick hair requires more wax as it is harder to hold than thin hair. A hair wax with a good hold ensures that the hairstyle lasts all day.

We recommend using Njord Hair Wax. This hair wax has a good hold, gives a naturally matt look and ensures that the hairstyle lasts even in hectic everyday life.

Hair wax for thin hair

On the other hand, if you have thin hair, you should use a wax with a lighter hold. Thin hair isn’t as heavy and doesn’t need as much holding. Therefore, a good light hold hair wax will do the job for you.

We recommend using Renati Straight Hold Glaze as it is a medium hold hair wax. For thin hair, this hair wax provides good hold and keeps your hairstyle looking sharp.

Keep the hairstyle at home

We’ve all tried it before – the barber’s closed and you’re going out with friends, but the hairdo is a worse mess. You can avoid such a terrible situation by investing in some good equipment so that you can fix the hairstyle yourself at home.

With a good pair of scissors and a good pair of hair clippers, you have pretty much everything you need to keep your hairstyle straight.

We recommend using the Remington HC4250 QuickCut hair clipper. This hair clipper is incredibly convenient and good for taking care of your hair.

If you need a good clipper to fix the small details of the hairstyle, we recommend the Wella Professional Contura HS 61 trimmer. It’s the ultimate detail and beard trimmer for fine-tuning details and edges. With this professional hair clipper you are guaranteed that the hairstyle will look absolutely perfect.

Now you are ready for the perfect hairstyle

These were our good tips for the perfect hairstyle. We hope that our little guide has made you smarter on how to perfectly stage the hairstyle. Again, it’s not rocket science, but it does take a little more love than most guys think.

Give the hairdo a little extra love and getting the hair in place will be a breeze. You’ll look sharp every day and never have a bad hair day again. # perfect hairstyle

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