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September is still warm in most places around the Mediterranean where you can often book a hotel at a bargain price compared to the high season. But there are also places outside of Europe that offer good weather. Read here where has suggestions for beautiful places to travel to in the first month of autumn.

Fuerteventura – Spain

The long Canary Island is perfect for visiting in September, where you can be sure of plenty of sun and warm evenings. Fuerteventura is all about beach holidays – the island has more than 150 beautiful beaches with plenty of space. Read more in our mini guide to Fuerteventura. Expect temperatures of 26-28°C and virtually no rain.

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Fuerteventura Has The Absolute Best Beaches In The Canary Islands

Marrakech – Morocco

The pink city is hot in the summer months, but by September the temperature has dropped slightly. Marrakech is full of exciting experiences – from the hectic Djema el-Fna square and the bazaar to the old riads and the beautiful nature around. Read more in our mini guide to Marrakech. In September, the temperature is 32-34 °C and only a few mm of rain falls there.

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Marrakech Is A Veritable Bombardment Of The Senses

Bali, Indonesia

Bali has nice weather in September, so off peak season. Gudernes ø is famous for its hospitable people and beautiful nature, but you will also find delicious food, hip clubs and excellent beaches. Read more in our mini guide to Bali. The temperature in September is 30-32 °C, with an average of 50 mm of rain.

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Beaches, Beautiful Temples And A Hospitable People Await You In Bali

Tuscany – Italy

Magnificent Tuscany never goes out of style. The northern Italian region could certainly market itself as a destination for those who enjoy life, because here you will find tasteful accommodation, lots of culture and top-class food and wines. Read more in our mini travel guide to Tuscany. Expect 26-28°C and around 75mm of rain in September.

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Magnificent Tuscany Is A Real Paradise For Connoisseurs

Azores – Portugal

Green, lush and almost otherworldly, the Azores lie far out in the Atlantic Ocean. The archipelago inspires its visitors with a fantastic landscape, and then there are beautiful beaches where it can be quite a long way to the next bather. In September the temperature is around 23-25 ​​°C and you should expect around 80 mm of rain.

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Nature Is Unique In The Azores


The Pearl of the Indian Ocean. Mauritius has been visited by the more affluent tourists for years, but with greater competition, particularly when it comes to airline tickets, the rest of us can also experience the pristine white sandy beaches and beautiful resorts perfect for relaxing in the sun. Read more in our mini guide to Mauritius. The temperature is 24-26 °C and about 50 mm of rain falls.

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An Inviting Pool In One Of The Many Beautiful Hotels In Mauritius

Ibiza – Spain

The high season is over and there is a little more air on the white island. In September the weather is still good and hotel prices have fallen. Enjoy the day at the beach, hang out in one of the chic bars in the evening and shop in the exciting shops of the luxury hippies. Read more in our mini guide to Ibiza. Expect 26-28°C and around 30mm of rain in the month of September.

1662302201 664 Its Hot Here In September
Beautiful Ibiza Is Significantly Cheaper In September

Zanzibar – Tanzania

The beautiful Zanzibar attracts with white sandy beaches and lots of sun. Krydderiøen has an exciting colonial history, especially in the main town, and you can take advantage of Zanzibar with a safari in, for example, Tanzania. In September, Zanzibar has temperatures of 26-28 °C and about 50 mm of rain falls.

1662302202 638 Its Hot Here In September
Zanzibar Has Beautiful Beaches And An Exciting Culture


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