The Best Beaches in The Canary Islands – Here They Are!


Best Beaches in The Canary Islands. The Canary Islands are visited by a large number of tourists every year. The beautiful beaches are the main reason for many to vacation on the sun-kissed islands, but where are the best places to jump in the waves and work on your tan?

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1. Playa de Sotavento – Fuerteventura

You can’t miss this long stretch of glorious beach. With its fine sand and shallow lagoons and lakes, the beach is in our opinion one of the best in the world.

There is a lot of space here and all possibilities to have a good distance to the next beach guest. Nudists are plentiful here for the same reason, and you can’t think of a better place to sunbathe all over than on Sotavento Beach.

You can walk for several kilometers in the shallow, crystal-clear water, some places here are pretty deserted, so remember to bring food and drink from home. The only downer is the sometimes strong wind, but the surfers are happy about it.

2. Papagayo Beaches – Lanzarote

The seven Papagayo beaches in the southeast of Lanzarote will also be on our list. Two of them in particular, Playa de la Cera and Playa de Papagayo, can offer wonderfully crystal-clear water.

There is plenty of space for everyone here and if the holiday is to be spent sunbathing then the Papagayo beaches are a must. A small restaurant is located in the hilly landscape, but otherwise there are few catering options that you should bring from home.

3. Las Dunas – Fuerteventura

The beaches in Las Dunas National Park have helped make Fuerteventura famous and a popular tourist destination. It’s not as peaceful here as it used to be, but all the way south, past the two big hotels, you’ll find impressive dunes and crystal clear water, a true paradise.

A small beach bar is a short walk away, but otherwise it’s deserted for miles. Take a car or bike here from Corralejo, but you can also take a taxi to the nearest hotel (RIU Oliva) and from there go to paradise.

4. Graciosa Island

The very small island just north of Lanzarote is not well known, but here you will find absolutely superb beaches with light sand and clear water. In recent years, beach lovers have opened their eyes to this little gem, but it’s still pretty deserted here and it can be hard to imagine you’re on one of the world’s most visited archipelagos.

Isla Graciosa has a few accommodation options scattered around the island, but it’s not a luxury. From Lanzarote, take the boat from Orzola to the small port of Graciosa in Caleta del Sebo.

5. Playa del Ingles/Maspalomas – Gran Canaria

The counterpart to Isla Graciosa, you could almost say. It is not particularly paradisiacal here, but it is easily accessible and has space for everyone. There are endless rows of sun loungers, a crowd by the water and a few hundred meters away are small beach bars if you need a refreshment.

Everyone feels welcome on this huge beach with its famous sand dunes, and there are even special areas for naturists. If you fancy a game of volleyball or a dromedary ride, there is an option for that too.


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