What Does A Snake Tattoo Mean?

While some flee it, others, more reckless, choose to have a snake tattooed on their body. What symbolism does it take on and is it made for you? The answers to your questions are here!

Love them or fear them, snakes never leave you indifferent, and maybe that’s why this motif is so popular in the tattoo world. We also like its variety of possible representations with a snake tattoo of more or less length, the use of different colors or a minimalist black and gray, or even details that will change the final rendering, such as the sticking out tongue. or not.

Snake Tattoo - Photo By Pinterest/mamas Uncut
Snake Tattoo – Photo By Pinterest/mamas Uncut

Snake tattoo: origin, meaning and models

The snake tattoo impresses with its graceful beauty and invaluable symbolism. Even in ancient times the worm was at the center of the universe, it was infinitely valued, respected, admired for its grace and special charm. Tribes admired his impeccable instinct and attack speed. It was as if he could predict his future victim’s every move. Its poison was used for medicinal purposes, and also smeared with arrows, which helped a lot in battles.

Photo By Pinterest/ali Mcgannon
Photo By Pinterest/ali Mcgannon

Meaning of snake tattoo

It is also its strong symbolism that makes the snake a fetish motif in the world of tattoos, because if it carries a negative connotation in the West, in particular because of the snake of Genesis which pushes Eve to fault, it is at the otherwise highly esteemed in the East. It is thus found in Chinese astrology, in which the snake is synonymous with wisdom , but also in traditional Japanese tattoos, in which it provides protection, especially against poisonous snakes.

Photo By Pinterest/louis
Photo By Pinterest/louis

Either way, this potentially dangerous reptile will evoke power, energy and strength. We can also use it to illustrate the symbolism of the snake biting its tail and thus create the sign of order to evoke the continuous renewal of things.

Examples of snake tattoo

Now that the meaning of the snake tattoo has no more secrets for you, it’s time to choose its representation, because this motif can take completely different forms, depending on your desires but also depending on where you place it. You may want a simple and minimalist
snake tattoo , without colors, with a not too long reptile, which will find its place inside a wrist, on the side of the hand or on a finger if you absolutely want to show it off. , or on the ankle or forearm for more discretion. Some women, needle aficionadas, even choose to place it on the chest, between the breasts, for a truly original look.

Photo By Pinterest/saved Tattoo
Photo By Pinterest/saved Tattoo

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But you can also give free rein to your imagination and ask your tattoo artist for a real work of art, with for example an old school snake tattoo, colorful and with bold edges , a colorful pattern reminiscent of Japanese prints, or even a trompe l’oeil effect tattoo, with a snake more real than life, which will seem to rest on you or outright come out of your skin. In order for this stylized snake tattoo to express its full grandeur and complexity, you will need to offer it a fairly large body area such as the upper or even the entire back, and of course around the entire arm, so that your snake can majestically curl up.

You are free to accompany this motif with other symbols to create a unique tattoo that looks like you, with for example roses , around or on the snake, for a powerful femininity, or a sword to evoke an irresistible force. Multiply their protective effect with a snake with two heads or even with two tangled snakes, of different colors or not.

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